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Home > Case > While Running Beauty Salon Business 7 Types of Risks Faced By Owners
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While Running Beauty Salon Business 7 Types of Risks Faced By Owners

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While Running Beauty Salon Business 7 Types of Risks Faced By Owners

Product Description

While Running Beauty Salon Business 7 Types of Risks Faced By Owners

In the service industry, there is a lot of competition around, and if you are not able to maintain your clients no matter what, you will end up ruining your business in the long run. This is particularly the case with the beauty salon business. The things that your clients see from the outside will either make them enter your salon or opt for another one. You only get a couple of seconds to entice people to get into your salon. Hence, the most significant risk in the beauty salon business is not to take any risk at all. We know you are getting confused with this statement. However, it is absolutely true. Let’s explain.

Your location and beauty salon furniture are the key determinants that will either make people crossing the lane observe your salon or not. If you do not have comfortable and high-quality salon furniture, people are going to opt for your competitors. Apart from this, other types of risks can have a significant impact on your salon business. In the following paragraphs, we have highlighted these risks that you should be aware of while running your business.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Poor Cleanliness
After the outbreak of coronavirus, it has become quite essential to ensure that your beauty salon is kept super clean. All salon equipment needs to be either sanitised, sterilised or disposed of once used. Have a habit of repeatedly cleaning items that are utilised on multiple clients, including massage rollers, nail tools, chairs, massage beds, and clippers. This way, you will prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

The Best Way to Reduce the Risk of Poor Cleanliness
Always wipe off chairs and massage beds with the help of disinfectant. Keep them in a clean and dry condition in between use. It is equally important to wash towels and linen regularly. Dry them straight away to avoid germs lingering on damp towels.

Hazardous Chemicals
It is needless to say that chemicals can have a damaging effect if they are not used the right way. Especially in the beauty industry, you have to use products consisting of different types of chemicals. Hence, it would help if you used extra precautions while using them. Some products like hair dyes, chemical peels, peroxides, brow tints, nail products, wax solvents, and bleaches are the best examples containing hazardous chemicals. If you do not use these products appropriately, it can have serious side effects like asthma, dermatitis, eye or throat irritation. These chemicals are known to enter the body when you swallow or inhale. You can even get them through the skin.

The Best Way to Reduce the Risk of Side Effects from Hazardous Chemicals
Since you are bound to use different types of harmful chemicals in your beauty salon, the least you can do is to have a sound ventilation system in place. While handling products, know the different chemicals present in it and take care whenever you use them on your clients. We also recommend you to suggest your clients take an allergy test for products two days prior to appointment.

Trips & Falls
There are times when the floors of a beauty salon get wet and slippery. This can be due to leakage in the sink or accidental spillage of beauty products. And, if your salon provides hair cutting services, hair clipping can lead to accidental slip accidents when it is left unswept. This way, not only are the customers at the risk of injuring themselves, but your staff can also suffer slips and trips.

The Best Way to Reduce the Risk of Trips & Falls
If you find any liquid spill on the floor, clean it up instantly. Also, ensure to sweep the hair clippings at the earliest. Also, watch out for the electrical leads it can result in potential trip hazard especially when left unsecured. Before closing down your salon for the day ensure to clean up the floor so that it remains dry, clean and ready for the forthcoming day.

Unqualified Staff
This is an obvious thing; however, it is essential to ensure that the staff that you have hired is qualified enough to perform their job effectively. Never hire uncertified stylists, technicians, and therapists as this is not what your clients are expecting from your beauty salon. On the safer side, inexperienced staff can provide a dodgy dye job. However, while doing this, your clients may undergo consequences from burns to nerve damage or skin infections and much more.

The Best Way to Reduce the Risk of Recruiting Unqualified Staff
Always recruit staff that is qualified enough to perform the duties. Inquire about their certifications and ask them to provide proof of past experience. It is also a good practice to ask for references from previous employers. Going on instinct while hiring staff for your salon business is good, however, back that up with a comprehensive background check of the person selected.

Each and every business is prone to a fire hazard. However, beauty salons are at an even bigger risk because you have to use chemical products and electrical equipment regularly. The primary culprits are the overloaded sockets with an assortment of electrical items. There are certain salons that create special ambiance and aroma by using candles. However, what will happen if it topples over or ends up being placed where it should not be, this can also be regarded as a significant risk.

The Best Way To Reduce The Risk of Fire in Your Beauty Salon
Ensure that your plug sockets never get overloaded. And pay special attention while dealing with water or chemicals when you are in close proximity to an electrical power supply. If you are using candles to create a special ambiance, ensure that they are not left burning. It is equally important to train your staff on the different things to do when a fire outbreak occurs. This includes how to find & utilize fire extinguishers and the best escape route.

Final Thoughts
Running a beauty salon business is not an easy feat. As you can see, there are lots of risks involved in it. However, one thing is for sure, without proper beauty salon furniture, you will surely miss out on expanding your business. To make the right furniture choices, get in touch with PJS Beauty salon, your number one online marketplace to get the best salon equipment at a price that will not hurt your pockets.

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