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Hair Color Ideas

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Hair Color Ideas

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Many of us are guilty of sticking to the same old hair coloring ideas and techniques.  With so many options out there it can be daunting to investigate a new color line or deviate away from a tried and true formula.  Below is a list of hair color ideas to inspire you to try something new!

1.  Hair Color Ideas - Red Hair
Bright, brilliant reds are a huge trend right now. We can thank the ladies of hollywood for bringing this look back in style. Clients have been asking for coppery hues like Christina Hendricks or another favorite is a soft, more strawberry red like Amy Adams. To achieve a brilliant copper, use this easy formula.

Working with a natural level 4-6.  Target level 5.

Apply powder lightener w/20 volume developer 1/2 inch away from the scalp.  Process to an orange level 7/8 before applying lightener to the scalp.  Process without heat and shampoo.
Use a demi permanent color with 2 oz 4-RO + 1 oz 6-G with 3 oz of 10 volume developer.  Apply to scalp.
Mix 2 oz 4-RO + 1 oz 6-RO with 3 oz of 10 volume developer.  Apply to midshaft and ends and process for 10-15 min.

2.  Hair Color Ideas - Balayage
Scared to step away from the foils? I was afraid too, but it's very easy, I promise! Balayage is my favorite new coloring technique. Balayage is more versatile than the traditional use of foils and it's also a great technique for achieving a low maintenance or ombre style by starting further away from the root. The possibilities are endless with balayage.

Working with a natural level 7.  Target level 9-10 with natural roots

Start with a 1/4 inch horizontal section at the base of the nape.
Take an 1/8 inch V shaped subsection and paint bleach with 20 vol from the mid-shaft to the ends in V shaped strokes on either end of the section. Continue across the head to the end of the section.
Place a strip of cotton on top of the section seperating the wet bleach from the next section to be pulled down.
Continue with 1/4 inch sections up the back and sides of the head.  When you reach the sides, mix bleach with 30 vol for the sides and the top.
You can vary the size and starting points of your painting and sectioning to achieve a more natural look.

3.  Hair Color Ideas - Multiple Shades
To achieve a beautiful, multi-tonal color, use up to three different shades from the same color family.

Working with a natural level 6. Target level 5.

Take 3 large zig-zag sections starting at the nape and working your way to the top of the head.  Your second section should end around the parietal ridge.
Release the nape section and apply 5-N with 10 vol from roots to ends.
Release the second section and apply 5-BRV with 10 vol from roots to ends.
Release the top section and apply 5-GB with 10 vol from roots to ends.

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