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Make Your Salon a Green Machine

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Make Your Salon a Green Machine

Product Description


Going green is a big trend these days and I couldn't be happier about it. I've always felt a little guilty using my blowdryer all day and running water like it's going out of style, but let's face it, salons are energy guzzlers and it can be hard to get around that.

That means it's even more important to take initiative and learn ways to green your salon and reduce its carbon footprint. Use this list of tips to cut costs and save the planet all at the same time. Before you know it, you'll have an eco salon that mother earth herself would be proud of.

1.  Cut the Lights
Simply changing your bulbs to CFLs is a cheap and effective way to instantly green your salon. The light from these bulbs can sometimes be a little harsh but the technology has come a long way since CFLs were first introduced and there are a lot more options on the market. To reduce your carbon footprint even further, recycle your old bulbs instead of throwing them in the trash.

2.  Get Green, Literally
Adding plants to your salon environment is an excellent way to naturally purify the air. Chemicals are an obvious presence in the salon and these babies are not only beautiful to look at but will keep you breathing easy with a very small upfront investment.

3.  Towel Trap
It seems like there can never be too many towels in the salon, and this is the one item that gets used over and over again. They also require a lot of water and energy for multiple washings throughout the day. So how does an eco salon handle this problem? Switch to bamboo or micro-fiber towels which will absorb more than regular ones, so you can use less of them. You can also set aside towels that are gently used and save them for cleaning up at the end of your day.

4.  Green Clean
Using green cleaning products in your salon isn't only good for the environments but also healthier for you and your staff. Stylists are exposed to chemicals all day long so it's very important to reduce exposure where possible. Eco products work just as well as harsh chemical ones, and your clients will be appreciative when they walk in and aren't greeted by the smell of Clorox.

5.  Carry Eco Friendly Product Lines
Many high-end product retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and coming out with eco friendly product lines. Consumers are becoming more and more concerned with the chemicals in the products they use, so you'll be catering to a wider range of client needs by offering an eco friendly product option in your salon.

6.  Hot, Hot Heat
During the summer months, salons can turn sweltering when you've got all those blowdryers running, and keeping your clients cool and comfortable is an important part of them enjoying their hair service. Instead of cranking up the AC, install ceiling fans so you can open up the windows and feel the breeze on milder days. For the more sweltering ones, install an electronic thermostat that can be programmed for effective use.

7.  Cut-A-Thon for a Greener Planet
You can organize a cut-a-thon in your salon to either raise money for making your salon a green machine, or to donate to a favorite environmental organization. Advertise specials to your clients and incentivize them to participate with raffles or giveaways.

8.  Design Within Reach
Looking to update your decor? Get creative and find salon furniture at local thrift or antique stores. You can sand and paint your pieces to give them a cohesive look or play up a mix-and-match theme. Either way you will be spending less money than if you bought new furniture and you will be recycling and reusing the old.

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