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Various Aspects Of Salon Furniture Design

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Various Aspects Of Salon Furniture Design

Product Description

A warm, welcoming salon interior elevates the mood of your clients and boosts your salon business. A well-engineered salon space speaks volume for your brand. It illustrates your brand value and resonates with your brand image. Therefore you need to give utmost priority to your salon’s interior.


A well-maintained and elegant interior paves the way for an immersive salon experience for your customers. And beauty salon furniture is an indispensable component of your salon interior.


Sometimes, the clients are more inclined to share their experiences on social media and their friend circle only when they find the decor appealing.


What are the salon designs trends for 2021? What type of salon furniture should you purchase? Which type of interior should you invest in? What type of lighting fixtures should you install? We’re here to answer all your questions.


Take your salon’s look and feel to a notch higher with our salon interior guide.


Most of our curated salon furniture styles are budget-friendly and enables you to create impactful salon visuals without draining your finances.


Our visual inspiration can help to get your creative juices flowing. Take a look at our guidelines for your salon makeover and get a picturesque setup ready for innumerable social shares.


Without further ado, let’s get started.


Various Aspects Of Salon Furniture Design 2021

Reception Furniture


Your clients’ salon experience begins the moment they walk into your salon. Your reception area is the first salon space they see and get to experience. Therefore you need to ensure the first impression you make on your client needs to be impeccable.


  • Your reception would be a busy area, and you need to keep various items in your reception. Cluttered appearance is a big “no”. Ensure your reception salon furniture has enough space for storage.


  • Stunning and sleek desks with timber tones and LED-backlit designs are surely going to be in vogue in 2021.


  • Also, use adequate lighting and shelving to highlight your retail area. Avoid creating the retail section behind your reception. Let your customer see and explore your beauty collection.


  • Invest in ergonomically designed couches to make your customers feel comfortable while they wait. To add warmth and make your reception space more inviting, thrown in some plants.


Salon Beds


People visit beauty salons to get pampered and feel relaxed. Your goal should be to offer excellent services that meet your clients’ expectations.


Salon equipment like salon beds, styling furniture and salon chairs play a vital role in fulfilling your client requirements. With customers becoming more inclined towards holistic health and massage therapies, massage and spa beds are now essential furniture.


Here are some trending salon bed concepts for 2021-


  • Ergonomically designed to maintain the contours of the body
  • Electronically operate
  • Adjustable height and angles to ensure ultimate client and staff comfort
  • Adequate storage space

Salon Chairs


You can have a well-functioning beauty salon without salon chairs. Styling chairs with a sleek aesthetic flair and clean designs are great for modern salons.


Salon chairs with adequate storage space to store the towels and essential styling salon equipment are highly recommended by top salon designers to save space and clear the clutter.

Pedicure Station


Luxurious pedicure stations are a great addition to imbue an air of sophistication and elegance in your salon’s interior.


Modern and innovative pedicure thrones with timber undertones, adjustable backrest and footrest are emerging as both client and salon owner favourites. This stunning, lavish beauty salon equipment adds glamour to your interior while tending to client comfort.


Lightings That Compliment your Salon Furniture And Your Overall Decor


Use various light styles to create a perfectly welcoming atmosphere. Hang task lights above styling sections to create a focused and well-lit styling space. You can use secondary lightings to enhance the salon decor.


Nature Inspired Salon Furniture Styles Are Becoming Immensely Popular


Nature is having a significant influence on the overall salon decor. Nature inspired salon furniture are becoming every salon owner’s favourite.


Earthy palettes like light grey, olive, muted timbre, etc., are the colour of choice for modern salon furniture. These calm shades invoke solace and relaxation with your client’s mind.

Tips For Buying Your Salon Furniture 2021


  • Always enquire about servicing and guarantees. Trust only credible online beauty salon furniture stores with years of experience, portraying client testimonials and offering after-sales services.


  • Obtain every detail about the salon equipment and purchase in writing. A credible salon store will never hesitate to share written details. You’ll be in a much more substantial legal position with written confirmations.


  • Look for a declaration by your salon furniture supplier or ask them in writing.


  • Avoid surprises. There are other additional costs associated with furniture: installation cost, delivery charges and storage fees. Ensure to receive estimates from your salon manufacturer before signing the paperwork.


  • Many suppliers offer decor, design and planning service with the fee refundable against your purchase. Enjoy the benefits – the salon layout may seem evident to you. But, a professional salon designer may open your eyes to new creativities.

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