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Why Your Beauty Salon Needs High-Frequency Facial Machines

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Why Your Beauty Salon Needs High-Frequency Facial Machines

Product Description

Are you ready to offer your clients the best facial treatment? High-frequency facial machines are a fantastic alternative to Botox injections, chemical laser peels, and other invasive facial improvement procedures.

To offer your client an efficient and satisfying high-frequency facial therapy, you need to pick the suitable device. We've prepared an ultimate guide to assist you to purchase the best high-frequency facial machines.

With a multitude of benefits, including pore shrinkage, skin toning, acne reduction, and much more, your clients will surely agree to diamond microdermabrasion machine therapy.

Ultimate Guide To High-Frequency Facial Machines

What Is A High-Frequency Facial Machine?

High-frequency facial machines are beauty treatment devices used in spas and salons to deliver gentle and safe oscillating oxygenating power of electrical currents.

These oscillating electrical currents are 'high frequency'. They have many benefits, including increased collagen production, encouraging lymphatic drainage, enhancing blood circulation, exfoliating dead skin cells, etc.

You can combine it with other facial therapies since high-frequency oscillations also can improve skin care product absorption, helping your client doubly benefit from crossover therapy.

High frequency and galvanic machines are available in various designs and appearances. However, all the devices operate at the same frequency of 100,000-2500,000+ cycles per second.

Because of the accelerated rate of oscillation and high-frequency current of heat production, the device works specifically on skin firming and toning.

Why Your Beauty Salon Needs High-Frequency Facial Machines?

Even if your beauty salon already offers conventional treatments to treat acne and other skin conditions, purchasing a high-frequency machine is still a great investment.

Here are some reasons why you should purchase high-frequency salon facial machines:

Non-Invasive Treatment Option

Your clients won't experience any discomfort or pain when using this machine. When used correctly, the equipment is gentle on the skin.

Detoxifies The Skin

The high-frequency facial machines generate electrical currents having detoxifying capabilities. These electrical currents help get rid of toxins and harmful bacteria from the skin.

Improves Blood Circulation

The treatment promotes healthy blood to flow and circulate in the targeted area. This Microcurrent machine is excellent for the treatment of dark eye circles and restoration of thinning hair.

Reduces Signs of Ageing

The oscillating electrical currents reduce wrinkles, softens fine lines, and improves sagging skin.

Reduces Pore and Blackheads

Oxygenating power of high-frequency oscillations is excellent for treating skin imperfections, especially enlarged pores and blackheads.

Improves Cellulite Appearance

High-frequency oscillation enhances healthy blood flow to the treated area. Consequently, with proper oxygen supply, cellulite appearance increases and helps in skin tightening.

Promotes Overall Skin Health

The enriching effects of high-frequency salon facial machines relax and rejuvenate tired skin. It removes dead skin cells and allows the healthy growth of new cells.

Improving Skin-Care Product Absorption

Combining this oscillating therapy with other facial treatments can enhance the penetration and absorption of facial products.

How Does A High-frequency Facial Machine Work?

These professional salon facial machines are equipped with high-frequency glass electrodes, which come in different ergonomic shapes and sizes for treating various contours of the face and body.

When applied to the skin's surface, this gentle electrical current passes through the glass electrodes emitting a soft glow and buzzing sound that's described sometimes as a therapeutic zapping sensation.

This healing electrical energy and oxygen transform into purifying ozone.

These oscillating currents promote a rapid blood flow in the concerned areas treating aged or damaged skin. The subtle warming effect on the tissues results in firm and toned skin.

The high-frequency current helps in treating medical skin conditions, including acne and skin lesions. Additionally, it recovers sagging skin and puffy eyes. With a multitude of benefits, this device may be effectively used over the entire body.

Why Should You Check Wattage And Oscillation Before Purchasing Salon Facial Machines?

The power and output strength of the salon facial machines depends on the high-frequency oscillation rate and not by wattage.

When choosing a device, ensure to pick the high-frequency machine that operates on a low wattage level(less than 10 watts) with a high oscillation rate of over 100,000 Hz.

This would be an excellent investment since these machines last longer than poor-quality manufactured units running at a higher level of wattage.

It is recommended to avoid insufficient machines operating on a high level of wattage (at 10+ watts) since they are more prone to internal damage due to coil burnout and overheating.

Moreover, a low-wattage machine is energy efficient.

What's The Difference Between Orange And Violet Electrodes?

If the tempered glass is filled with argon, the electrodes appear violet. Similarly, with neon gas, the electrodes appear orange.

Orange electrodes work wonders for ageing skin, hair, and scalp. Violet electrodes, on the other hand, are excellent for treating acne and other related skin conditions.

The high-frequency oscillations generate enriched oxygen molecules that provide thermal tissue warming. This MicroCurrent machine treatment is a wonderful antibacterial therapy for your underlying blood vessels to extract and eliminate toxins.

Therefore, your customer's skin will be hydrated and enriched with nutrients.

Top 5 Types Of High-Frequency Facial Machines

Carlton High Frequency Machine

Carlton's stand-alone professional high-Frequency electric device is an excellent addition to your electrotherapy range. It is equipped with the 5 most popular glass electrodes that allow you to offer varied facial treatments to your clients.

Portable High-Frequency Machine

Portable machines are useful if your salon has considerable space and need to move your high-frequency device multiple times. Moreover, it is perfect for salons that offer home treatments.

Equipped with 4 electrodes, this device offers wonderful benefits for skin problems.

Solo High-Frequency 4-Electrode Machine

This high-frequency instrument brilliantly improves blood circulation and stimulates glandular activity, removing bacteria and easing cosmetic products' penetration.

During the treatment, while swapping the electrodes, make sure to return output to a minimum level. Then you can slowly adjust the energy level to the desired intensity.

High Frequency And Galvanic 2-in-1 Machine

This 2-in-1 device has the combined power of high-frequency and galvanic currents. You can choose this device for providing deep skin cleansing therapies.

The mushroom-shaped electrode should be used on larger surface areas such as the forehead, neck and face.

You can provide therapy near the nose area and around the eye for the best results with a ball-shaped probe.

You can use the straight for an indirect treatment and the medium probe for body parts such as the chin.

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