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An Exclusive Guide On Pedicure Chairs For Your Salon: Must Read

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An Exclusive Guide On Pedicure Chairs For Your Salon: Must Read

Product Description

An Exclusive Guide On Pedicure Chairs For Your Salon: Must Read

All this being said and written is okay, but how would you ensure that such an experience happens when the customer visits your salon? Well, it entirely depends on the pedicure chair you chose for the salon. It is an enjoyable activity, and a pedicure chairs can just add on more to it.

Salon pedicure chairs are much in trend, and less satisfying experience can affect the inflow of customers into the salon. It’s not just the customers who feel rejuvenated with the right chair, but even the person giving the service also enjoys the process with ease.

In this blog, we have listed down a few expected functions and benefits of a pedicure chair. Keep reading…

A pedicure massage means, comfortable seat, quality experience, cleanliness, and comfort. If your spa chair for pedicure ensures the above things, your battle is won right there. If you are a professional pedicurist, a right chair can make the task simpler and efficient. However, while selecting one spa chair from the pool of similar options, you also need to check the area available for keeping the chair and for performing the service.

With PJS Beauty salon chairs, you can add on to the sophistication and luxuriousness of your salon. We provide an exclusive range of innovative and stylish chairs to choose from for your salon. Another major consideration while selecting a pedicure chair is about the sanitary or hygiene of the pedicure chair. The soak basin should quickly drain once the treatment is over. The chair should also have adjustable neck height for taking the utmost care of the customer. A sleek design pedicure chair and easily sanitizable basin would do wonders for your pedicure spa business.

How will a perfect pedicure chair benefit you?

The appearance matters:

People usually overlook the appearance of a spa chair for a pedicure, thinking that it is not significant. The reason being, for them, only the functionality of the chairs matters. But how true is this? Well, today, common customer psychology that follows is, if something is looking attractive and clean, it is good. And this isn’t false even. Because the real enjoyment of the treatment is in getting the utmost comfort and soothing experience. Why skip this chance of beautifying your salon furniture, beauty salon chairs, and interiors by excluding the pedicure chair from the list?

It is a good investment:

You would invest in buying classy and the most expensive waiting chairs, having high-quality material and largely comfortable, but may not get a good return after a few years. The reason being, a high-quality chair with low-maintenance costs will give you good returns. Additionally, if you buy a beauty salon chair from PJS beauty salon, it comes with a warranty where you can get repair small damages without breaking your bank. This also means that you will not have to spend money out of the pocket, isn’t that great news?

It has modern features:

The latest spa chair for pedicure at PJS beauty salon focuses just on client comfort. Our high-end Pedispa is a stylish piece of beauty salon chairs UK that has an adjustable footrest, retractable tap whirlpool motor, and every modern element that can make this chair stunning. Some of them also have inbuilt massagers that ensure that the customer relaxes while being treated.

In the next section, we have discussed our extensive range of pedicure spa chairs that caters to all your needs.

Compact Pedicure Spa chair:

PJS beauty salon and furniture are a trusted source for buying a variety of salon chairs. Our one of the most popular pedicure spa chair types is a Compact Spa Pedicure Chair. This chair is fully electronic and allows automatic reclination, uplifting of both the arms and has adjustable intensity and strength. An amazing thing about this chair is, the armrest has an inbuilt drink holder where the customer can soak hands for the manicure treatment. The chair is round in shape but looks extremely sleek and professional.

Additionally, the basins have built-in jets and extended shower hose that can be adjusted as the treatment proceeds further.

The size of the pedicure chair is Length 138 cm x Width 86 cm

REM Dream Pedispa:

Are you excited to uncover our luxury collection of pedicure chairs? This REM Dream Pedispa chair will leave you in awe with its white and holden brown finishing. However, you can always customize the colors of the cushions and laminations. The foot basin in front gets easily drained, and the height of the chair is adjustable.

The size of the chair is Length 126.5 cm x Width 85cm x Height 138.7 cm. Additionally, we customize this product as per the requirement, hence you need to give us four weeks for manufacturing.

Natura Pedispa chair:

How about buying a dual purpose chair that can be used for manicure and pedicure both? The footrest is adjustable, and the back can be reclined as per the requirement. One surprising thing is, the stainless steel basin is removable, and hence no plumbing is required. The size of the pedicure chair is Length 75 to 122 cm, Width 101 cm, and height to seat cushion 56 cm. Again this is a custom made pedicure chair, hence it may take four weeks to deliver.

Customers visit the salon to relieve themselves from stress and fatigue. If you pamper them rightly, they are likely to visit the salon again. At PJS Beauty Salon equipment, you will get a wide range of beauty salon furniture, chairs, and tattoo furniture that can accommodate customers of all kinds. Are you excited to make your salon stand out from the others? You can reach us out anytime!!

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