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How to Build Your Salon Website

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How to Build Your Salon Website

Product Description


Getting Started

Let’s face it hairstylists and technology don’t always mix. I suppose we have to sacrifice something for our artistic talent. That being said, in this day and age, that just doesn’t cut it.

Having a dynamic and attractive salon website is essential to a successful business. Through my years as a hairstylist, I’ve found that building a website wasn’t always a top priority for my employers. The apprehension seemed to stem from the thought that pushing an online relationship with our clients felt impersonal in a business that is anything but.

On the contrary, when you build a salon website you are creating a central hub where your clients can find everything they need to know about your business, like

Salon location and hours of operation
Photos of your salon and staff
Bio’s of your stylists and a list of their specialties (short hair, curly, blondes etc.)
Makeovers and before and after pictures of your clientele
Seasonal promotions and specials

How Do I Get My Salon Website Up and Running?

For many of us the idea of building a website can be pretty daunting. The good news is there are numerous tools to get your salon website up quickly. Many of them you can even try for free. Don’t Just Build Your Salon Website and Forget It.

Sound familiar? It’s very important to build a salon website that is actively pursuing your clientele. This doesn’t mean hounding your clients or sending them a million emails a week.

Some fantastic strategies can be as simple as sending a reminder email to your clients every 6-8 weeks between appointments and setting up a blog and newsletter about your salon.

Some great (and free!) websites to help you build a blog are and For creative, interactive newsletters check out

Build an Online Presence

After you’ve set up these various platforms, download plug-ins to link you blog, website and newsletter together. Think about the internet as quite literally, a web. By having multiple links and a solid online presence, the client is more likely to be led back to you.

Don’t Forget About Facebook and Twitter!

These websites are the best free platforms to keep in touch with your clients. Build a fan page on Facebook. Having a slow day? Offer a last minute special on Twitter.

If you don’t have time to build a salon website (It’s easy, I swear!) then this is a great first step to take.

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