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How to Purchase Salon Equipment

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How to Purchase Salon Equipment

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Getting Started

It's extremely important to have a plan when purchasing equipment for your salon. The right salon equipment can speak volumes about your space, and making the wrong decision in equipment can negatively effect your pocketbook, your salon, and your employees.

First you must make a list of all of the essentials, and then make a second list of more luxury items that you could splurge on if you end up having funds left over. You'll then want to map out and get an idea of where all of this equipment is going, you don't want to crowd the space by purchasing too many items and running out of room. Start with your cutting stations and then move onto the other areas.

Where to Find Your Salon Furniture

When you start pricing all of this often expensive equipment, don't be afraid to search for used salon equipment and furniture. You can find great deals on gently used equipment like salon chairs, dryers, steam processors, stations, mirrors and spa essentials.

Used equipment blends in especially well when mixed in with new pieces. Below is a list of great retailers where you can find used salon equipment.

Outfitting a spa is usually a bit more expensive than a hair salon as the technology of the equipment is a more advanced. When looking for spa furniture and equipment be on the lookout for things like facial beds, facial massagers, facial steamers, towel warmers, face lifting and toning machines, laser equipment and so on. Your hair salon list will be a bit shorter but should at least include hair dryers and processors, shampoo bowls, rolling trays, salon chairs and shampoo chairs and cutting stations.

Do Your Homework

Pour through reviews before investing in expensive equipment. Read the fine print about warranties, maintenance and return policies. You can also head to a local salon to talk to the owner about what equipment they love, and what they could've done without. This will give you a good visual idea of what the layout could be like in your own salon, and you'll also get a good idea of what you don't like.

Start by purchasing the most important items first, and then move on to the extras. There will always be hidden costs when starting a hair salon or spa, so be prepared by making a reasonable budget that leaves room for when things go wrong or equipment fails. If you start with the basics, you can always splurge later with all that extra money.

Get input from your stylists about what equipment they like to use. Salon owners are not always hair stylists themselves, so it's a good idea to ger your staff's input about what they would like to see and be using in the salon.

Bottom line is, have a plan, do your research, and remember that the right salon equipment and furniture really sets the tone in your hair salon. If equipment is over-used or outdated, clients will spot this stuff right away. A high-tech, well designed space will attract a clientele that is willing to pay more for their services, not to mention they'll want to be spending a lot of time there too.

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