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Rise Above the Competition with a Unique Opening Hour Sign

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Rise Above the Competition with a Unique Opening Hour Sign

Product Description

You’re a salon owner or hairstylist looking to have the most unique and fun salon in town. It’s important that you find ways to make your salon different from the others as the competition is fierce. There are so many different elements and small details that all come together to make your salon what it is. One of these small details that stand out in salons is opening hour salon signs.

Sure, you could have a basic black and white sign that reads each day of the week and the hours for each day. Or, you could switch things up and get a bit creative, you do own a salon, so you know a bit about creativity. Who are we kidding, you know a lot about creativity! And you’re ready to show your clients just how unique and creative you can be. It’s time to rise above the competition and create your own unique opening hour sign!

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salon signs

Tips for Creating Your Sign

When you’re creating your own unique salon hours sign, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind. Although you can get as creative as you wish, there are three aspects to incorporate into your design no matter what it is. Those three things are the color, the readability, and the size.

Here’s what you need to know.


Remember that trendy colors aren’t always timeless. What might be a trending color today could be a disowned color in the future. It’s safe to say that if you’re creating your own sign, you should use your brand’s colors.

This also helps clients recognize you! Stick to your brand’s colors, and you’ll be just fine! Otherwise, choose colors that work well with one another.


You want your clients to be able to read your sign with minimal effort. This might mean using colors that contrast with one another in order to see the writing clearly. This might also mean keeping things simple.

If you overdo it, there could be too much information on your sign making it hard to read. Keep it simple, stick to the point, and use colors that help the writing stand out.


You’re not expecting clients to want to read your hours sign from across the street, so the font and sign itself don’t need to be too large. You just need them to be big enough to read while standing in front of the door, or possibly from the parking lot.

You should also use a font that’s clear as well. If you want to use a fancy font because it goes well with your salon’s style, be sure to make it large enough that it’s easy to see and read.

salon signs

Inspiration for Opening Hour Salon Signs

Now that you know a few tips for creating your own salon hours sign, it’s time to start soaking in all of the wonderful inspiration that’s out there! Here are a few hours sign ideas that you can try yourself or pull inspiration from when creating your own design.

1. Black Transparent with White Writing

We know that black and white hours signs are the typical and basic choice. But if you have an image in your head of those tiny black signs with the white letters that can be rearranged on them, delete this image from your mind now! We know you’re more creative than that and wouldn’t expect you to be impressed with that idea.

Instead, take some of these basic elements and put a spin on it. A sign with a black background and white writing on it that’s transparent as it hangs on your front door is something unique. Clients can read your salon’s hours clearly, but can still look straight through the sign and into the salon.

This idea works well with glass front doors.

2. Salon Signs with Personality

If you don’t want to give typical salon hours such as an M-F/9-2, then you can give your sign a bit more personality. For example, some salons have a bit of fun with their hour signs and instead of a clear cut 9-5, they’ll write something along the lines of “9ish-2ish,” or “Monday 8:59-2:03, Tuesday 9:01-1:57 (and so on).”

Have fun with it and get creative. Your clients will get the gest of it and understand that the hours are 9 am-2 pm but will enjoy your effort to make them smile.

3. Woman’s Hair Design

If your salon’s focus is on women’s hair, then you can consider incorporating a silhouette of a woman’s head and hair into your sign. On the right or left side of the sign, you can have the silhouette with the hair flowing to the other side and creating the sign’s border.

Between the flowing hair, you can then write the salon’s hours. Be sure to choose a font that’s easy to read but a bit fancy and goes well with the flowing hair.

4. Comb Open and Closed Sign

Okay, so this next one isn’t exactly a sign with hours listed on it, but it’s an hour sign of sorts. If you need an open and closed sign for your salon, consider using a large comb with the words, “OPEN” on one side and the words, “CLOSED” on the other.

Hang it from a thick yarn or anything else that you might find lying around your shop and flip it, either way, depending on your salon’s statue! It’s super cute and unique!

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